Family's Mission:"Work Hard and Stay United"

Dad: Dev Raj Sharma s/o Piare Lal Sharma

Crossed over in 1999. We miss you very much....

Where we started from...

Our family has been a very blessed one and a relatively large family. Dad Dev Raj Sharma who was a medicine man in a typical rural Indian village for most part of his life while our mother Vidya Devi Sharma , a hard working, daring and strong will lady raised us all through thick and thin. She came from a farming family and hardwork was her second nature. She always encouraged each one of us to continue working hard to make our lives better. She has sacrificed a lot for us and for that we will never forget her . She was always hopeful and prayed that one day we all brothers and sisters will live a better life. Today when we have achieved mother's dream and her only mission in her life, but she is nowhere around to realize that dream.

Having a large family was a truely a blessng to us. Oldest brother Dr. Krishan Kumar Sharma who was infact more like a "god-father" to most of us and visionary personality. he was the main figure who helpted us to achieve our mother's dream. {MORE TO COME}..{{For now you may want to follow the memory lane}}}.or our {{{Photo Album}}}

Mother: Vidya Devi Sharma d/o Keshav Ram

Crossed Over in 1997. Love you forever...miss you badly..




Talwandi Sabo

Bareta Mandi